thor’s Continuous Boiling water units are designed to be hard plumbed to mains water supply,and can be either bench or wall mounted. Units come in a range of capacities and are suitable for low to high volume locations.

An internal PC board monitors water temperature and heats the incoming water when required to bring it up to a 97Degrees C constant temperature suitable to draw off quickly and at the required temperature.

Standard Features:
. Stainless Steel Construction
. Automatic Fill
. Non return Water Valve
. Electronic control
. Electric Safety Cut Out Device
. Safety Tap - to avoid accidental flow of water
. Boil Dry Protection
. Efficient, Low Operating Cost
. High quality Water Hose
. Black ABS / Stainless Steel Drip tray - removable
容量 电器参数 产品外形尺寸 (毫米/英寸)
SP01350 5 220-240V, 2250W, 9.8A 295/11.6 440/17.3 490/19.3
SP01360 10 220-240V, 2800W, 12.2A 295/11.6 440/17.3 590/23.2
SP01370 15 220-240V, 4500W, 19.6A 380/15 440/17.3 590/23.2
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