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Aaron Keating
Nationality: Australian    Position: Executive Director

Aaron is one of the original founders of United Foodservice Equipment and was Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer until 2009. He has Executive Director roles in the United Foodservice Group of companies and is primarily responsible for Global Sales and Marketing. Aaron has over 10 years’ experience in manufacturing and procurement in China and over 20 years’ experience in the Commercial Kitchen and Catering Equipment industry.

Dean Montgomery
Nationality: Australian  Position: Director

Experience: Dean has been running and owning companies for 15 years in Australia and Asia, specifically with 9 years past experience in China as Managing Director of Volume Group Ltd.

Dean has extensively travelled through China, India and Greater Asia meeting with hundreds of different suppliers and vendors and understands clearly and concisely the requirements of foreign clients
United Foodservice Equipment manufactures global quality foodservice equipment from its factories located in China. United has been manufacturing foodservice equipment since 2001 and is 100% owned by United Foodservice Group (an Australian invested company). Australian expatriate staff oversee daily operations at the factories ensuring products are manufactured with a high level of quality.
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